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Don't Bet On It!

Don't Bet On It!


NCAA 'Don't Bet on It rules'



As we head into an exciting sports season that includes: the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics and March Madness, among others - the Northwood Department of Athletics would like to remind all student-athletes and staff that sports wagering is strictly prohibitted by the NCAA. Below are some examples of questions you might have.

Violation of the NCAA's sports wagering rule carries a penalty of immediate ineligiblity. Violators can also be charged with a crime and result in jail time as sports wagering is illegal.

If a student-athlete has any questions about whether an activity constitutes sports wagering, they should speak to their coach, Krista Plummer (compliance director) or Dave Marsh (athletic director) before they participate.



Sports Wagering

The International Club is holding a Xbox FIFA Tournament on campus. It is $5 to enter and the winner will win the whole amount, possibly half. Is it permissible for a SA to enter?

No, according to NCAA Bylaw 10.02.1, Sports wagering includes placing, accepting or soliciting a wager (on a staff member's or student-athlete's own behalf or on the behalf of others) of any type with any individual or organization on any intercollegiate, amateur or professional team or contest.  Examples of sports wagering include, but are not limited to, the use of a bookmaker or parlay card; Internet sports wagering; auctions in which bids are placed on teams, individuals or contests; and pools or fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize. A wager, according to NCAA Bylaw 10.02.2,  is any agreement in which an individual or entity agrees to give up an item of value (e.g., cash, shirt, dinner) in exchange for the possibility of gaining another item of value.

Athletics Department Staff

Can an athletics department staff participate in Super Bowl prediction challenge with Nick's Sports Bar; their sponsor who hosts their football coaches show?

No, according to NCAA Bylaw 10.3, the following individuals shall not knowingly participate in sports wagering activities or provide information to individuals involved in or associated with any type of sports wagering activities concerning intercollegiate, amateur or professional athletics competition:  (Adopted: 1/8/07 effective 8/1/07)


(a)  Staff members of an institution's athletics department;

(b) Non-athletics department staff members who have responsibilities within or over the athletics department (e.g., chancellor or president, faculty athletics representative, individual to whom athletics reports);

(c) Staff members of a conference office; and

(d) Student-athletes.


Danielle Harris
Assistant Commissioner for Compliance & Championships
Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics Conference