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2019 Timby Awards



The Timby Awards were established in 2015 as the Northwood University Timberwolves Student-Athlete Awards Night. The Timby's are designed to celebrate the previous athletic year by recognizing seniors, as well as presenting multiple individual and team awards.

This year's event will take place WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 in Riepma Arena at 8 p.m. 

If you are unable to make it, CLICK HERE to watch.

This event is our way of celebrating the athletic year by recognizing all our seniors, as well as presenting several other awards.

Here are the 2019 nominees: WINNERS IN BOLD 

All-Time Winners

2014-15: Brianna Blumenherst, Golf

2015-16: Julie Shields, Soccer

2016-17: Jessica Kalbfleisch, Soccer

2017-18: Grace German, Basketball

2018-19: Grace German, Basketball


Zoe Baglein (Cross Country/Track), Grace German (Basketball), Tetyana Paych (Tennis), Taylor Harding (Golf)

Women's GoMAD Award


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Jake Riepma, Football

2015-16: Austin Woody, Tennis

2016-17: Matt Garland, Golf

2017-18: James Felton, Track & Field

2018-19: Zach Allread, Basketball

Teddy Stacey (Soccer), David Riser (Football), David Reinauer (Tennis), Zach Allread (Basketball)

Men's GoMAD Award


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Maddy Seeley, Basketball

2015-16: Carol Arnez-Mercado, Tennis

2016-17: Torriya Gray-Baker, Softball

2017-18: Tara Gross, Softball

2018-19: Ellie Taylor, Basketball

Bridget Adams (Soccer), Ellie Taylor (Basketball), Jetaeia Lewis (Track & Field), Ines Dorado (Golf)

Women's Newcomer of the Year


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Maurice Jones, Basketball

2015-16: Kory Roberts, Golf

2016-17: Tyler Jandron/David Vinsky, Baseball

2017-18: Mikhail Fomenkov, Tennis/Mason Phillips, Track & Field

2018-19: Ja'Kavien Lewis, Basketball

Cole Brooks (Baseball), Ja'Kavien Lewis (Basketball), Chase Clark (Soccer), Keenan Williamson (Football)

Men's Newcomer of the Year


All-Time Winners

2017-18: Carly D’Almeida, Track & Field

2018-19: Taylor Wright, Softball

Kenzie Seeley (Basketball), Heaven Powell (Track & Field), Sydni Harding (Golf), Taylor Wright (Softball)

Women's Breakthrough Award


All-Time Winners

2017-18: Brady Cole, Soccer

2018-19: Brian Patrick, Cross Country

Alec Marty (Basketball), Gary Landless (Football), Brian Patrick (Cross Country), Ivan Medvynskyi (Tennis)

Men's Breakthrough Award


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Gabrielle Rivette, Basketball

2015-16: Elaina Meadows, Track/Jordyn Nurenberg, Basketball

2016-17: Jordyn Nurenberg, Basketball

2017-18: Lindsay Orwat, Basketball

2018-19: Tetyana Pavych, Tennis

Tetyana Pavych (Tennis), Tara Gross (Softball), Heaven Powell (Track & Field), Ellie Taylor (Basketball)

Women's Athlete of the Year


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Mike Ankoviak, Soccer/Track & Field

2015-16: Johannes Sterobo, Soccer

2016-17: Rami Gharsalli, Track & Field

2017-18: Tyler Jandron, Baseball

2018-19: Mason Phillips, Track & Field

Brian Patrick (Cross Country), Teddy Stacey (Soccer), Mason Phillips (Track & Field), David Vinsky (Baseball)

Men's Athlete of the Year


All-Time Winners

2015-16: Zane Colestock, Tennis

2016-17: Jordan Bischel, Baseball

2017-18: Jordan Bischel, Baseball

2018-19: Michael Roberts, Cross Country/Track & Field

Gregg Sauve (Softball), Michael Roberts (Cross Country/Track & Field), Dave Turner (Golf), Zane Colestock (Tennis)

Coach of the Year


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Football win at Northern Michigan

2015-16: Men’s Soccer win at SVSU to win GLIAC Championship

2016-17: Baseball – Nick Palmer walk-off homer

2017-18: Men’s Soccer game-winning goal/victory at SVSU to win GLIAC Championship

2018-19: Max Bain No-Hitter at Parkside

Patrick at XC Championships, Bain No-Hitter, Track at NCAA Indoors, Women's Tennis Winning GLIAC

Moment of the Year


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Volleyball

2015-16: Men’s Tennis

2016-17: Women’s Basketball

2017-18: Men’s Tennis

2018-19: Men's Tennis

Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis

Team GPA Award


All-Time Winners

2014-15: Men’s Soccer

2015-16: Men’s Soccer

2016-17: Baseball

2017-18: Men’s Soccer

2018-19: Men's Track & Field

Women's Golf, Softball, Women's Tennis, Men's Track & Field

Team of the Year




Baseball: Colin Moran

Men’s Basketball: Alec Marty

Women’s Basketball: Adrianna Stolicker

Men’s Cross Country: Caleb Barker

Women’s Cross Country: Madi Brooks

Football: Chad Samuels

Men’s Golf: Nathan Skuratovich

Women’s Golf: Sydni Harding

Men’s Soccer: Teddy Stacey

Women’s Soccer: Andrea Kwasniewicz

Softball: Mary Kate Hines

Men’s Tennis: Hayden Drury

Women’s Tennis: Carol Arnez-Mercado

Men’s Track: Hunter Berecz

Women’s Track: Heaven Powell

Volleyball: Colleen Mayer